Östgötaleden, Soderkoping


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Östgötaleden Söderköping
Right now a lot of work to improve the trail, but it's really worth visiting it

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Stage 1:
Stinsen - E 22 about 6.5 km
The route starts at the "Stinsen" municipal library, tourist-information office. Easy hiking distance after the society received and reached Söderköpings orienteering club house continues to exercise trails and paths.

Stage 2:
E 22 - Hälla about 6 km
After leaving the European Route 22 behind them and come out of the woods so easy walk follows a route with few inclines on. At Ball's shelters, barbecue and toilet. Between ball you walk approximately 1 km on the old railway embankment from the narrow-gauge railway line between Norrköping - Soderkoping - Valdemarsvik.The stretch was closed 1966th Pouring village and mill environment. Pouring mill was closed in the 1947th

Stage 3:
Hälla - Forsum 7.5 km
A moderate /difficult hike with a mixture of minor roads and paths. At Dyhultsborg trail goes through a pitch past a lookout point from where you can see the northern end of the lake Strolången. Arriving at the beach Strolångens finds shelter, barbecue and toilet. The route south is quite demanding. Giant Mountain offers a magnificent view of the S and SW landscape.

Stage 4:
Forsum - Nartorp approximately 8.5 km
At Forsum the trail and you can choose to go south in Valdemarsvik Municipality. To the north, the trail mostly on back roads but also on trails through fragrant skvattrammossar and contains in some places heavy stigningar.Sträckningen should be considered as moderate. The trail makes a detour to Hulta dam that previously supplied the farm Hösterumhydropower to saw and left movement.

Stage 5: Nartorp - Stegeborg about 14 kmOBS! This stretch is off until further notice
At Nartorp's barbecue and toilet. It was conducted during 1817 - 1927 a comprehensive mining with mining of iron ore. Mines is down to 420 meters depth. This easy hiking route continues past the bird lake marshes. Skällvik church from early 1300 - speeches and north of it, the trail follows a 500 meter long stone wall, probably an ancient defensive wall. Step Castle ruin in the Middle Ages served as defense Söderköping and was under the Vasa one of the nation's finest castles. On the other hand Slätbaken trail continues in Norrköping and then under the name Vikboland Trail.


|Translated by Google translation|

  • Firewood is usually found at shelters and picnic areas
  • Boil water from lakes and rivers if you should drink
  • Maps are available at the tourist offices
  • The trail is marked with orange circles and dots