Östgötaleden, Åtvidaberg


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Åtvidaberg, oak woodlands and cultural history

Stage 1: Mining and oaks. Månebo-Temple 15 km.
From the border to Kinda Municipality to Åtvidaberg. Very worth the visit mine area Grandmother mine and mine promenade where you can get information about mining and work in the mines! Do not forget to visit the small
Mining Museum of Mining bailiff's house. By calling a telephone number that is on the door, you will enter, and can take advantage of the people behind the copper mining.
You can then easily get into Åtvidaberg and walk around Bysjön, eat and drink well.

Stage 2: Mountains and valleys. Temple-Falerum 20 km.
A walk through the beautiful Uknadalen which offers a fantasktisk nature. There is a shelter about 4 km from the starting point of the Temple

Stage 3: Spruce and pine. Falerum-bet 17 km.
In Falerum offer multiple circular loops if you do not want to go the whole distance where you can see
EkhultsbergetsNature Reserve, Ridge Nature Reserve, an ancient castle in the drum and very Lakes
Falerum is a good starting point as a short or part of a longer hike. West towards Åtvidaberg can walk through a rich cultural heritage. If you go east mo Kvarnvik /bet, Valdemarsvik respectively söderköping pass many beautiful nature trails with several fishing lakes.

Stage 4: Old village and lake views. Vadet- Solliden 26 km
Here you pass potholes at Röhäll, village Långserum not shifted, Lake Yxningen with its beautiful cliffs. Shelters and bathing are west of Gärdsnäs.


|Translated by Google translation|

  • The route is highlighted in orange
  • Firewood is usually found at shelters and picnic areas
  • Boil water from lakes and water features if you are going to drink


  • Fritidsfiske
  • Badstrand