Östgötaleden Valdemarsvik

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Östgötaleden in Valdemarsvik offers amazing hikes

Phase 1 south:
From Valdemarsvik leads a 34 km long trail through Tryserum and Eastern Eds parishes down to Åsviks manor.

It passed including Härads former copper mine, Kattedalsfjärdens unique meadows and the remains of Cat Dals old brickyard. Fogel's castle ruins from the early 1300s is always - but especially in the spring with all its splendid flowers - worth a visit. Three kilometers before Åsvik the trail. Either You eastward through Licknevarpefjärdens nature reserve and end up in Kvädö nature reserve, where fine pasture land and sea meet. Or, you continue towards Åsvikelandets Nature Reserve with its untouched nature where the distances between the buildings is several km. A paradise for those who love the sea and solitude! From Åsvikelandet can be found through the bridge to get even farther out to sea - to Torrö Reserve.On Torrö was until 1882 a pilot station. Between 1857 and the 1930s were a "lotsuppassningshus" on a mountain along the fairway, from where pilots oversaw shipping. In autumn 2000, once erected municipality a similar copy of the old foundation. The house serves as resting and overnight hut primarily for hikers on Östgötaleden. Here you can order a small money rent space in the frozen section. The house also has a small space that is always open, where the protection against wind and weather can eat their packed lunch.

Stage 2 Eastbound:
From Valdemarsvik to Fyrudden leads a 27 km long trail

The first 21 kilometers to Pot takes you through a varied forest and farmland. At Vikeboda along Valdemar Bay east bank recommended a detour up to the 48 m high Vårdkasberget Hammarsten. The climb is difficult but the view brings a reward. Great view, it has alsofrom an overlooking hill south of Högved, where the trail passes. District lighthouse at a distance of 16.5 km looks easy from there in good weather. Between Pot and Fyrudden trail along in a quiet inner archipelago. From Fyrudden, Pot and Hosums village (halfway), you can take the bus back to Valdemarsvik.

Stage 3 Westbound:
If you want to hike all the way to Åtvidaberg is the distance 80 km. For Fallingwater's farm near the municipal boundary to Åtvidaberg is approximately 9 km

From Fallingwater's farm starts three loops in 5 - 7 - 8 km. Brantsbo farm and mill, and an irrigation channel is passed as the remnants of Älgerums old village, which was devastated by the Black Death in 1350 *. You continue to Åtvidaberg, will meet you on the other side the municipal boundary multiple viewpoints, which has an amazing view of the lake Yxningen. Yxningen shared between Valdemarsviks and Åtvidabergs municipalities and Östergötland 8th largest lake with a nice lake archipelago.From Falling Rock You takes you even north through forests to Gusum with a final stop at Yxningens swimming and camping.

* The village was populated again in the 1400s but was abandoned for good around 1500.

Stage 4 north:
Roadbed of the old narrow-gauge railway (1906-66) exercised up to Gusum, 10 km.

These 10 km is also a local bike path, so it is also possible to travel by wheelchair. Just before Gusum trail turns off, passing under E22 and along the beautiful Lake Byngaren and then follow it north to the lake floating Byngsboån Strolången. Just before Forsums yard You choose to either eastwards towards Stegeborg in Söderköpings municipality or continue north to Söderköping. Just before the municipal boundary is crossed when the giant hill that offers a breathtaking view.

Stage 5 South:
By Tryserum parish western part is since 2007 the newestledavsnittet, which measures 32 km

It follows part of the old royal road, find their way through beautiful farmland and passing several small lovely lakes. In several places there is great vantage points,
such Loboklint next Kyrksjön, Ropställsbacken at Lake Vindommen and observation tower adjacent to Gate wood. Information signs have been put up at many of the interesting places that are crossed.


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  • In shelters and picnic areas are mostly wood
  • Remember that the water at the coast is often brackish.
  • Boil all water before drinking
  • Maps and information are available at the tourist office


|Translated by Google translation|
E 22 north and south


  • Friluftsbad/Utomhusbassäng
  • Fritidsfiske
  • Gästhamn