Östgötaleden, Linköping


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Östgötaleden, Linköping

Most of the stages are easily accessible by car or bus, and when the two channels Gota respectively Kinda canal can combine their walk with kanalbåtstur. Several stages have good disabled access. Along the trail there are a number of rest stops and overnight shelters

STAGE 1 • Göta canal, Borensberg-Berg, 21 km
The trail follows a pedestrian road along the canal. An easy route with good access for the disabled. It also works great for cycling. Sweden's longest avenue lining the road through the beautiful open landscape rich in beautiful natural environments and cultural heritage. There are shelters at Ruda and hostel just east of Borensberg, both in Motala municipality. Hostels are also in Ljungsbro and Berg.

STAGE 2 • Plain-Roxen
Berg-Linköping/Trädgårdsföreningen, 14 km
The route follows part of pedestrian and cycle pathsof Östergötland and then along Stångån into central Linköping. It is easy to walk with mostly good accessibility for people with disabilities and works to a large extent also ideal for cycling. Trail passes including Vreta Abbey medieval church and monastery ruins, and it is very rich in birds Svartåmynningens nature reserve by Roxen with vast meadows grazed. Here are two observation tower for the disabled. Horticultural Society from 1859 is a big green park in the middle of the city with cafes, Tropic, Nature Center, etc. No shelters are along the route but close Horticultural Society is Linköping hostel.

STAGE 3 • City Nature
Horticultural Society-Old Linköping, 4 km
The route follows the main pedestrian and cycle paths, and have mostly good accessibility for the disabled. It passes several valuable green space Magistrate Hagen, Djurgården and Valla Forest Reserve.Linköping military history shown in Garrison Museum beside the trail. Old Linköping is a unique open air museum consisting of a vibrant town with moved here and new houses in the old style and Valla recreational area that includes playground, mini golf course and hostel. The stretch without shelter.

STAGE 4 • Tinnerö oak woodlands
Djurgården-Vidingsjö, 6 km
The route winds through the nature reserve Tinnerö oak woodlands culture and nature to then lead to Vidingsjö fitness center, a facility for outdoor exercise. There are showers and toilets, cafe etc. Tinnerö oak woodlands is a rich and diverse mosaic landscape with oak pastures and forests, while an almost complete ancient cultural landscape. Local parks lead goes around the restored Lake Rosenkällasjön where observation tower overlooking mountains there. There is also a bridge and platform for the disabled. Fröberget beside the trail is a restored cottage environmentfrom 1800 - s. Windbreaks are near the trail at Djurgården.

STAGE 5 • Oak Woodland 1
Vidingsjö-Bjärka Saby, 19 km
Relatively easy hiking distance (light-medium) as follows paths and minor roads through northern Europe's largest oak woodlands. The trail passes beautiful pastures, oaks, lock environments Kinda channel at Hamra and Hovetorp and homestead Fornhemmet and New Castle at Bjärka-Saby. Please do detours (signposted) to Deer Source archaic farmland and Styvinge ancient castle. Windbreaks are at Ekäng just south of Vidingsjö and at Hovetorp. Castle Cafe summer in Bjärka-Saby.

STAGE 6 • Oak Woodland 2
Bjärka Säby-Satra Vallen, 11 km
Stretch of severity means that follow paths and minor roads through the varied oak woodland. Just south of Bjärka-Säby trail passes Bjärka-Säby ekäng, a välhävdad meadow, and one km then Saby West Forest Reserve,one ancient like pine forest with a lot of dead wood in the form of snags, stumps and fallen. Satra Vallen is a conference and recreation center with swimming pool, restaurant, camping and cabins. Windbreaks and toilet are in the Big Blind.

STAGE 7 • Oak Woodland 3
Satra Vallen-Brokind, 10 km
Largely easy hiking route that passes through a varied landscape with deciduous and coniferous forests, fields and pastures. Valuable pastures at Melskog and Galtebo. In the distance are divisions of Åtvidaberg (22 km) and Rimforsa (12 km). Windbreaks are beautifully situated on Lower Long Lake, a short distance into the trail towards Rimforsa.

STAGE 8 • Oak Woodland 4
Brokind-Viggeby, 5 km
Easy hiking distance is based on the junction at Highway 34 and follows minor roads past the beautiful oak pastures in Brokind sanctuaries, Brokind lock and Brokind mansion with castle-like main building and grandoutbuildings. In Viggeby Reserve's beaches, shelters and local parks trails. Increased accessibility for the disabled to the trailhead, bathing and sleeping space is under development.

STAGE 9 • Caves and older cultural environments
Trollegater-Ulrika, 24 km
Long ledsträcka in places hilly woodland with medium severity. Trollegaters Nature Reserve, in Kinda Municipality, is famous for its many caves. Another famous cave is near the trail at Solltorp. At Svensbo is a rich former hay marsh and a restored cottage setting in Forest Agency management with information signs, walking trail, picnic cabin and toilet. Öna cultural reserve is a well preserved example of a small farm in southern forest regions. Windbreaks are at Stenkullen, about 4 km north of Ulrika. On the farm Brook's cabin.

STAGE 10 • Southern forest district
Ulrika-Nargöl, 9km
From homeland Källeryd in Ulrika will stretch through a beautiful pine forest and hilly region with remnants of an older landscape. Trail passes Ycke forest, nature reserve with virgin nature, potholes and old sources. At Little Farsbo a circular loop of cultural information. Windbreaks are on short detour near Axsjön, about 5 km west of Ulrika. In Ulrika's affair with cafe, hotels etc.


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  • At shelters and picnic areas are mostly wood Available
  • Boil always water from rivers and lakes
  • Information and maps are available at the tourist office


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