Krukmakeriet Hjortslunds Stoneware

Kisa, Kinda

Krukmakeriet Hjortslunds Stoneware - a year-round open pottery in southern Östergötland

When traveling between Linkoping and Vimmerby, so you pass the small town of Kisa. Along the thoroughfare is the pottery Hjortslunds Stoneware with his strange tower. Here is today manufactured handmade tableware and decorative art, but it has not always been.

Hjortslund created by cultural personality Erik G: son Hjort. He was an important person in Kisas evolution from village to municipal society (and railway station) on the 1800s second half. Officially, Erik G: son forester whose wife Techla gave birth to a "prince". Father, later King Oscar II, was her first love - however in some competition with Erik G: son. But it eventually became Erik as she came to marry. The child who Techla forced to leave off as a baby came as 20-year-old back into the family, but then as foster children. Butthis is another story.

In 1898 bought Erik G: son Hjort crown hunters home in Kisa and began an extensive remodeling.

He gave the property the name Hjortslund. There, Erik opened his private Kisa Museum in 1899, where he showed his collections of weapons art and antiques. In 1904 he was decorated with the award "Knight of the Royal. Vasa Order" for their actions. In November 1999 the house was purchased Deer Lund, who was then severely dilapidated.

Today, the property is repaired and renovated. The house is K-and Q-mark. In the pottery turns about 2 tons stoneware annually to beautiful tableware. Fn produced 6 different tableware with everything from plates to deep dishes and drinking vessels and other crafts. Servis may be used in microwave and dishwasher safe, except dinnerware with silver lining that you always get to be careful of. Visitors can observe the potter, see krukmakeriets production of exhibition rooms and, of course, also buy my pottery. Hjortslund is a culture in the deepest sense.

During May to September is my summer café open, where all the action clients and their companion are treated to free refreshments. The pottery is open Wednesday-Friday. 10-18 and Sat. 10-16 year round. Do you want to come at other times you are welcome to contact the pottery at telephone number. 0494-12400, 0739-959440 or just tap. I am at home and work, you are of course welcome back.

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Inside the Kisa locality, along the passage way 23/34 (Queen Street) between the cities of Linköping and Vimmery. Position Lat: 57.9941 Lon: 15.6388