Östgötaleden Boxholm Sommenbygd


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Welcome to beautiful Sommenbygd.
10 mil trail

Stage 1: Boxholm-Mossebo 16 km
The route is hilly with a mix of forest and landscape. The trail runs mostly on forest trails. Difficulty funds. Windbreaks are at Kvarngölen (without base) and Lake Lången, fire rings. Östergötland largest oak in Lagnebrunna and is 700-800 years old.

Stage 2: Boxholm-Strålsnäs 10 km
The route is easy to walk on roads and paths. At Timmerö's a beach. An area of ​​old forest is passed at Åsbodalen.Vid Power's shelters, fire rings. Summertime is Boxholms Bruksmuseum open. It is housed in a mill from the 1777th

Stage 3: Strålsnäs-Bleckenstad 10 km
Easy hiking distance in culture and woodland. Windbreaks are at Bärbäck and Uvberget, both with fireplace. Hembygdsgården Constance passed on an old road which was the main road between Smålandand Östergötland.
The connecting: Bleckenstad-Mjölby

Stage 4: Boxholm-Eklabo 13 km
The route is easy to walk partly gravel road in forest. At Timmerö's a beach. A shelter without decking is at Eklabonäset, fire rings.

Stage 5: Eklabo-Udden 7 km
Walking through the forest crofts. Bitwise hilly but large parts are easily walked. Windbreaks at Big Stock lake with beach
The connecting: cape-Spånggölen

Stage 6: The cape-Strait (ferry) 7 km
Moderate hiking on trails past lakes. Windbreaks at Fiskarp, fire rings.
The connecting: Blåvik-Strait (ferry)

Stage 7: Strait (ferry)-Spånggölen 8 km
Moderate walking on a gravel road and trails. The trail
including in a ravine, Lycköhål. After easy hike on the bottom of the ravine, you are rewarded with great views of the Somme, when you went up a brant.Vindskydd at Flanhult, fire rings,with the option of swimming in the lake.

Stage 8: Spånggölen-Sjöbo 10 km
Easy walking on the gravel road and trails through woodland. Simple small shelter (barn) without floor at Såggölen.

Stage 9: Sjöbo Malexander 10 km
Hiking both on hilly terrain and on the road. Small shelters at Large Bosagölen, fire rings. Historical buildings are at Bear Island. In Malexander is blah holidays and beach.

Stage 10: Malexander-hair targets 4.5 km
Moderate hike with shelter at the lake Black, fire rings. The trail splits at the host of objectives and continues north towards Ulrika and south towards Österbymo or Kisa. Windbreaks south at Mörtsjön.


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  • 10 mil trail of a total of 120 in Östergötland
  • You should boil water from lakes and rivers
  • Orange markings are
  • Picnic areas and shelters are mostly fitted with wood


|Translated by Google translation|
By car you: Road 32 from Mjölby (north) Road 32 from Tranås (south) Östgötatrafiken bus 655 to Boxholms center Östgötatrafiken train to Boxholms Central


  • Public swimming area
  • Woodland
  • Pets allowed
  • Hiking trail
  • Beach