VätternKajak (in Hästholmen)


Rent a kayak or canoe for a few hours or a couple of days! We have stabile kayaks with large cockpits, all new-beginners are welcome and no prevoius experience is necessary. We have a lot of interesting and exciting kayak waters around our area.

The water in Lake Vättern is so clean that you can bring an empty bottle, fill it with crystal clear lake water and drink! Of course we will help you with all the information, tips, route suggestions and transports you might need!

We also offer kayak rentals in Varamobaden, Motala and in the northern archipelago of lake Vättern.

Or buy a kayak! We have a huge range of different models and brands, and here, you will be able to try your new kayak before purcahse! There are a variety of models to choose from!

Our summer store is located in Hästholmen. Here we have our main warehouse with many kayak models from various manufacturers. Come here and see which model best meets your needs!

Price information

Single Kayak: from 300-350SEK / day. 250-300SEK/ extra day.

Twin Kayak: from 500-600SEK/day. 400-500SEK/ extra day.

Canoe: 500SEK/day. 400SEK/extra day.

Roof Racks: 20SEK/day

Kayak wagon: 30SEK/day


* Day rentals may start at 10 am at the earliest, and kayaks must be returned at 5 pm at the latest.

Despite this, you may extend your rental til later that evening, if you let us know at the time of reservation. * If you have rented a kayak over night (instead of during a day), it must be returned before 9 am.


Kayak rentals Hästholmen Hamn (Harbour) / Omberg

Getting here:
* From road E4, leave E4 and make a turn at Ödeshög, continue north on road 50 towards Vadstena. After 6km, turn left towrds Hästholmen, drive 1km thru the small village, the harbour is at the end of the road.
* From road 50. Drive south passing both Motala and Vadstena, towards Ödeshög. 24km south of Vadstena (6km north of Ödeshög), turn right towards Hästholmen, drive 1km thru the small village, the harbour is at the end of the road.


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