Theater Alvastra chronicle: the power and the glory


The historic plav about human weaknesses and godlike glory, takes part in the summar night by the abbey ruin Alvastra.
An imaginative tale of good and evil that weaves myth and history.

The story begins on the giants and elves time when Queen Omma lived.
Omma loved kills in Omberg and sore becomes inconsolable and her tears form the lake.
On stage, you meet dancing fairies, giants and monks, vikings and knights, the devil, the Black Death and Saint Birgitta.

Mythology surrounding Omberg as well as the music plays a big role in this fairytale theater of power and glory.


The ensemble are mostly amateurs with professional management.

Price information

 Adult 200 SEK
Youth up to 18 years 100 SEK
Children under 7 years free
Family 500 SEK

Booking / presale of tickets can be made through
It is also possible to buy tickets on the spot, arrived in good time for the show so it submits itself.

Tickets can be booked in advance via email at

You can also book Krönikespelspaketet on Omberg tourist hotel!

A luxury package besides tickets Chronicle includes lunch, overnight and three-course dinner at the tourist hotel.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus 664 from Mjölby and Ödeshög. Stop: Alvastra Yard


|Translated by Google translation|
Along the road 50 9 km north ödehög and 22 km south Vadstena