Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum


In the Old Town neighbourhood wooden houses moved from other parts of Linköping together with cobbled alleys, yards and historic gardens all add to a living history experience. You will find craftsmen and shops, restaurants and cafés, and a large number of museums, which show everyday life in the old days.

The nearby Vallaskogen nature reserve and Valla farm show rural history and offer opportunities for play and relaxation, with more museums, an experience trail through the woods, farm animals, a large playground and a mini golf course.

Year-round experiences

Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum is open all year round, with a wide range of exhibitions, music, dance, activities for children on school holidays e t c. Just before Christmas one can experience a traditional Swedish Christmas fair.

Summer of all times

During the summer months (end of June - Middle of August) many extra activities are arranged that are fun for both children and grown-ups: 

Experience street theatre, including encounters with characters from the old days, like tramps, police constables, school teachers, street musicians and many others.

Try traditional tasks like baking, washing, carpentry and  shopkeeping at Barnens Bod and Bryggaregården.

Visit the Fenomenmagasinet Science Center, go horseriding (children only), take a tour with the horse and carriage, try ropemaking, play minigolf or play at the large playground.

During this period all of the museums are open on a daily basis. Guided introductions in English are offered every day.

For more information, visit our website, or call +46(0)13121110.

Price information

Entry is free


Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum is located about 2 km west of Linköping town centre. It is easily accessible by public transportation from the town centre (Resecentrum) or by car both from the town centre and from several major highways, for example the E4 (exit 111). There is a large parking at Gamla Linköping.