Lunds backe

Skänninge, Mjölby

For over 1000 years ago, people in the district were buried their dead here at Lunds Backe. There are over 200 tombs and other ancient monuments. The erected stones are also graves. There are also traces of cultivation. Upon examination of the tombs were found including a limestone rock covering a grave to hide. In the tomb was burnt bones after the dead, a buckle of bronze, a ornated bone comb and traces of resin. The resin is typical of the Roman Iron Age 0-400 AD. when the cremated bones were buried in containers sealed with resin.

Lunds Backe is also associated with legends such as the "Lunda old man" who tore down everything that someone was trying to build up on the hill. Or the one about the housewife who loaned beautiful dresses to prospective brides.

There is also a giant calendar where the sunrise and sunset can calculate the equinox, midsummer, and more.


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It is located northeast of Skänninge near Vallerstad church. On the road between Skänninge and Motala. Turn to "Borensberg" and follow the signs