Söderköping tourist office

614 32 Söderköping, Söderköping

Welcome to visit us at the tourist information in Söderköping. We will help you with tips and information about Söderköping and S:t Anna archipelago.

Here you can pic up a copy of our brochure and map. We also supply brochures from our region, nearby regions and bigger cities.

You can also buy maps, borrow a computer and print, or get access to our public wi-fi.

We also seel souvenirs and postcards.

In the same buildning you will also find a café and library.

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Public transportation


The tourist office is located in the buildning called Stinsen, along the E22 that goes straight through Söderköping. The red house located beside the major bus station.
WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 58 ° 28,706 ', E 16 ° 19,372'


  • Hiss
  • Café
  • Skötrum för spädbarn
  • Tillgänglighetsanpassad
  • WiFi
  • WC/Toalett
  • Året runt öppet
  • Parkering