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Eknön nature reserve is unique because of its large, old deciduous trees. The element of giant trees are remarkably large.

The forests on the island are very special thanks to the vast array of very old trees and dead wood. The island is of great importance for a range of endangered species both among insects, fungi and lichens, and birds.


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County Administrative Board of Östergötland
581 86 Linköping, Sweden
Tel: 013-19 60 00 (switchboard)


| Translated by google translation | WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 58 ° 25,637 ', E 16 ° 38,924' Drive south from Söderköping, drive 2.8 km Turn left onto Route 210 towards Mogata, drive 1.3 km Turn left, drive 14.4 km Turn right, go 3.4 km Turn left, drive 0.7 km.