Capella Ecumenica


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In the autumn of 1958 began Hilding with his family and many friends to carry granite from the island's beaches up to the mountain, where the chapel would be. Without aids masonry it up the meter-thick walls and built a replica of St. Anna old stone church, as Anna Niclisadotter the 1380's, received permission from Linkoping Bishop Nicholas Hermanni to behave. This church was replaced in the early 1800s by a new and larger church.

The season begins usually one of the first Sunday in May and lasts until the second Sunday in September. In All Saints held a memorial service in memory of those who once contributed to the chapel's origins. During the season, held church services every Sunday and holiday at 11.
Responsibility for church services is shared between the various member churches and denominations. During the season there is always hosting people on the island. Hosting exercised purely voluntary basis by the hosts,responsible for both guidance as other policy and management.

The chapel is also used as a very popular wedding and Baptistery.


| Translated by google translation | From Söderköping at Skönberga church, drive road 210 towards St. Anna. After just over 1 mil turn left signs "St. Anna" and "N Finnö". Drive about 1 mil and turn left at the sign "Bottna" and "Country store". Drive about 500 m to sign "Capella Ecumenica" at an older barn. Take a right and follow the road for about 3 km to Capella Ecumenicas parking. WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 58 ° 24,894 ', E 16 ° 43,192'