Västra Tollstads Church


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The church is located at an altitude route in the otherwise flat farmland. Vättern anas in the west and the north towers Omberg up. The oldest known church was built of stone in 1100 - or 1200's.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Östgötatrafiken: Line 664, stop Hästholmen. Swebus: Stop Ödeshög Rasta and Östgötatrafiken line 664 and stop Hästholmen.


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Probably byggds the first church in the 1100s. According to legend, assassinated King Sverker going to matins in West Toll Metropolitan Church 1156th
1926, a thorough renovation of the sanctuary. Among other things, built a new cow. Later, two more repairs, in 1954 and 1970 when the medieval tower house was built on the vestry.

Church oldest inventory is a crucifix from the 1300s, located above the baptismal font.

At the cemetery in West Tollstad stands a memorial to those buried victims of the sinking of the steamship Per Brahe the 1918th


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From Ödeshög take route 50 towards Vadstena / Örebro and after about 5 km turn right towards Western Tollstad, you can see the church from the road. Cycling, riding and walking. Ödeshög-Hästholmen.