Stora Åby Church


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By the mid-1700s was the precursor to

present church about 600 years old and at that point

quite fragile. It was also too narrow

of the then Assembly. A new church was

However, cost too much when the congregation

had only 390 daler copper coins at checkout. But

1754 gave Fredrik Bagge, who had been

parish pastor for 40 years, 8000 daler copper coins

out of their own cash into a new church.

Inside is a magnificent altarpiece, baroque, from 1736.

Organ facade came 1788th Fonts from the 1200s. At one

long wall is a triptych, made in Lübeck in 1400.

an original clock made by John Steel Button, whose family

manufactured watches for generations. A beautiful metal candle holder

made in 1983 by Ödeshög Smith Sven Erixon.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Östgötatrafiken: Line 665, Stop Big Åby church.


|Translated by Google translation|

Stora Åby Church

has a very dominant position in a marked elevation in

open agricultural landscapes


|Translated by Google translation|
From Ödeshög turn left towards Subsidiaries before the roundabout at Preem, continue on the road for about 4 km.