Ann Brehmer P Natural Culture & Art Exhibitions

Skänninge, Mjölby

Insights grows with life and life will grow.

Follow Ann Brehmer P on the journey of discovery through life

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.

The keywords on the road

Path is the goal

Dig where you stand

Knowledge develops

To live is to experience

Make it big in the small

My Thought My Choice My Life

An open mind opens up new avenues

Sustainable life for people and nature

It's never too late to become the man could become

With its exhibitions, she wants to bring a thought,

as a small seed which can germinate and grow.

In addition to the following exhibitions she offers more itinerant outdoor & indoor exhibitions with diverse themes and sizes, ranging from storefront to <<

Her exhibitions can also provide additional material or form the basis of theme days /discussions /courses and workshops ... eg churches, schools, kindergartens, business, conference centers, recreation area, library or out in the open.

Price information

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Guided tours to petrol money.

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After the 2-year picture o mold line on Lunnevad 1992-94, she has had art as a full time job. She has designed several statuettes including Environment, chess price and sculpture to the Entrepreneur of the Year in Mjölby municipality. She include represented by Governor, Finansborgarråd, Bishop and the Royal Family.





"As you make your bed so you must lie ... Spring walk V" along the trail, ca. 250m. hazel grove between Vreta Road and Nunnestigen the outskirts of Skanninge. All roads lead to the woods ... Snitslat from several directions. 1. Turn towards Vreta at Preem gas station, park in the curve at the playhouse, follow the marked route is approximately 450m. 2. Turn at the cemetery follow Birger Jarlsväg farthest park. Follow the small path and marked route is about 500m. 3. Weigh 206 against Vadstena. Park at the skyttegille (yellow wooden house). Go about 50m towards Vadstena o bottom right (old railway) follow the marked route is about 600m. 4. Does it seem awkward ... call ... so I show the way. "A place for all ... Spring walk IV" Hellgrens pasture in Malmslätt. Turn down the homestead-Hagarydsv. When it forks to the left and the next höger..här or below the football pitches you can park. Check out the track so you will findexhibit a piece in.Den is concentrated around the new barbecue area.