Saint Ingrid´s convent

Skänninge, Mjölby

About Ingrid Elofsdotter´s childhood and youth, there is not much written. Petrus de Dacia, a lecturer in the Convent of the Dominikan order of Skänninge,  writes in a letter to Kristina of Stommeln that he had six "spiritual daughters" in Skänninge, Ingrid was one of them. 

Ingrid Elofsdotter came from a rich aristocratic family and was the widow of a rich man. She and her sister Kristina had in 1272 begun to wear the Dominican nuns' costumes. Economic help to start a monastery came from Ingrid's brothers Johan and Andreas Elofsson. Ingrids brothers  were knights and relatives to the Archbishop Folke of Uppsala. 

The king issued protection letters.

Ingrid who died already in 1282, was inspired by the Dominivan Petrus de Dacia, -he was active at St. Olof, Skänninges other covent, founded in 1237 She traveled to several holy places to Jerusalem and to Rome to get the Pope's permission to found the monastery. .

The St. Bridget's youngest daughter, Cecilia, was a novice at St. Ingrid convent when Bridget and her husband went on pilgrimage tour to Santiago de Campostella. Bridget had envisioned a continued convent vocation for her daughter. But Cecilia's older brother, who was her guardian, took her out of the convent and married her off.


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Saint Ingrid of Skänninge, her life and achievements of Eva Fagerberg 2012. You can buy this book at the Tourist Information in Skänninge.


The ruins of St: a Ingrid´s convent is located in the northern part of Skänninge. You get here by foot from the center of Skenaån and go over Motalagatan. Behind the block of houses is the monastery. With car beside the Preem Petrol staion at Motalagatan park at Info-Boards and walk up to the monastery.