Voice Leader Training weekend with Frankie Armstrong - Sweden

Långrådna, Valdemarsvik
Saturday 3/8-Sunday 4/8 Frankie Armstrong is offering a weekend "Voice Leader training" course in cooperation with Kajsa Norrby, in Långrådna, Östergötland, Sweden.

This training includes both practical voice and body workshops, singing, seminars and sharing. Everyone is welcome but the course will be of particular interest to those who use their voices as their professional instrument of communication – e.g. people who work as teachers, trainers, councellors, interested in voice, song, theatre or movement. It is designed for people who already run voice workshops or singing groups, those who wish to, or those who want to incorporate voice into their existing work.
If you would like more detailed information of the timetable or talk to us before you apply please contact us.

ABOUT FRANKIE ARMSTRONG: Frankie is an amazing women and inspiring leader in voice and song. Take the chance to work with her, now when she comes to Sweden!
” I’ve always been interested in exploring voice and song in its historical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions. I also see the voice as a tool to aid self-expression, creativity and confidence. Over the past two decades I have particularly focused on the body-voice connection, having worked and trained with a variety of bodywork and movement teachers”
Read more about Frankie at this site: http://frankiearmstrong.com/

Natural Voice Network:
Prior to booking you may wish to find out more about the “NVN” and its ethos.
Also get a chance to be familiar with “NVN”. In the 1980s, Frankie and her friends created a network called "Natural Voice Network" NVN. Today, the network is global and we are many hundreds of driven leaders around the world. Please look at the Philosophy (and Working Principles) page of the Natural Voice Practitioner Network website (www.naturalvoice.net ) for a clear outline of the style and approach of this course.


PRICE for the course: 1700 kr Early Bird: 1500 kr if you book and pay before 1/5!! (Registration fee 500:- not refundable) If you want to and if you can, come the day before on Friday and join us for the big Voice Workshop which is open to everyone and is also led by Frankie. We highly recommend you come to this workshop if you can, as it will be a great addition to the voice leader training and also, it is FREE to all the voice leader training participants! https://www.facebook.com/events/2365795696784910/ HOW TO APPLY: Contact Kajsa Norrby: send an email to: kajsanorrby@hotmail.com or message to: 0046 73-9881399 If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us! On Saturday the course includes some Individual voice sessions – only limited participants will get time so if you want to have an individual session you have to say that when you book! “First come first served”. If you want an individual session, think about what you want to work on and why. Maximum of 4 sessions will be offered. (During an individual session Frankie works directly with one person, however, the whole group is present and in this way supports each individual session, so even if you do not get the chance to have an individual session yourself, you will still find observing and supporting the experience immensely valuable.)