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Ellen Keys Strand

|Translated by Google translation|

Ellen Key had behind him many years of active public debate, successful writing, travel and lecture tours, both in Sweden and abroad. It was mainly the foreign editions of Ellen Key's writings gave her the means to build their dream home at Vättern.

Strands environment has been faithfully preserved and maintained by the foundation that Ellen Key entrusted management to before she passed away the 1926th She advocated that the beach would be a summer home for working women who do not have funds to pay for rest and recreation.

The books built the house
Ellen Key's wishes materialized and Strand are taking today receive guests during June, July and August, the Foundation's auspices. Nowadays these learners women in the cultivated environment may engage in study and meditation, and enjoy the beautiful location and the tranquility of the beach.

Contact information

Historiska sevärdheter i Ödeshög
Stora torget 3
599 31 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 144 35167
Visiting adress: Strand Alvastra Ödeshög

Opening hours

Opening hours |Translated by Google translation|
Visningstider 2017:
1 maj - 15 maj
lör, sön och helgdag kl. 11.00 och 14.00

16 maj - 30 juni
tis-sön kl. 11.00 och 14.00

1 juli - 15 aug
tis-sön kl 11:00, 12:00, 14:00 och kl. 16.00

16 aug - 31 aug
tis-sön kl. 11.00 och 14.00

1 sept - 30 sept
lör, sön och helgdag kl. 11.00 och 14.00

Måndagar helt stängt.

Visning för större grupper (10 personer eller fler) förbokas. Kontakta alltid Ellen Keys Strand.


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