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Hällristningarna i Hästholmen

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On one of the Ice Age abraded rock at Hästholmen, is an inscription that recalls a new and important era in the history of the landscape.
It is the high culture that we call the Bronze Age and in Östergötland is known by the numerous rock carvings.

On Hästholmen outcrops have inhuggits few ships with (fondly?) Embracing people. Cautious archaeologists say that the image probably reflects a wedding couple in a ship. In other words, we would at Vättern see a love and fruktbarhetsrit practiced for 3000 years ago.

Other motifs found in Hästholmen are animals, hunting scenes, people and called älvkvarnar. Älvkvarnar or cup marks are small depressions in the rock that probably had some kind of significance in the context victim.


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Historiska sevärdheter i Ödeshög
Stora torget 3
599 31 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 144 35167
Fax: +46 144 31463
Visiting adress: Hästholmen Ödeshög

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Open all summer.


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Information on guided tour through Ödeshögs tourist.


Directions |Translated by Google translation|
Take Highway 50 from Ödeshög to Vadstena, or vice versa. After about seven miles, and more than two mil, you will exit at Hästholmen. Run down Hamngatan the port. To the left of Hamngatan - about 100 meters down-there are rock carvings. The easiest way you can reach them via the bike path that begins at Hamngatan and goes to Ödeshög society.



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|Translated by Google translation| Bus 664, Östgötatrafiken
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