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Walking Hästholmen-Omberg

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Lovely view at lakeside

Lovely and different hiking at Sweden's second largest lake. It offers both beautiful views, lush forests and beautiful cliffs that attract bath.
In Hästholmen port where the walk starts are Vättern room where you can share Vätterns
history and wildlife and also there is also the opportunity for food and drink. The trail begins not quite down at the port, but if you follow the road away from the water you encounter Trail Markings for about 100 meters and turn to the right.
Now wait a few kms nice hike up to the Big Lund Reserve.
There is a large bridge that is adapted for disabled and you have close contact with
Lake. The nature reserve has several nice picnic areas.
The trail continues near Vättern ends at Omberg.

Contact information


59980 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 144 35167
Email: tourism@odeshog.se
Web site: odeshog.se
Contact: Elisabeth Pantzar
Visiting adress: Ödeshögs turistbyrå Ödeshög



|Translated by Google translation|

Tour length: 15 km
Grand Difficulty: Moderate
Starting point: Hästholmen
End Location: Omberg



Outdoor pool

Family campsite - occasional age restriction

Guest harbour

Suitable for disabled persons


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