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Stora Lund - nature reserve

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Stora Lund's history began 600 million years ago! Then founded the fault and rift valley that became lake. Since then, the story left large and small memories that are important for how nature looks today. Or what about meadow plants that could be descended from the Iron Age the first extended use. Or ancient aquatic animals from the ice age - still living in Vättern! During most of the 1900s has been the Big Lund milli eroded practice area. It may seem strange, but this historical epoch, in an unusual way contributed to some biologically interesting environments. Rough pasture trees damaged by projectiles example become fine food and habitat for insects and birds.

Vätterns clear waters are an important part of vättern beach teeming plant and animal life. It offers very good conditions for successful bird watching or successful fishing! The clear water also attracts many divers to utforka Vätterns secrets.

Contact information

Naturreservat i Ödeshög
Stora torget 3
599 31 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 144 35167


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