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Ombergs bokskog - nature reserve

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Visit the beech forest in the spring, when the light still streams down through the columned, you can enjoy the anemone, anemone, anemone, Lungwort, lesser celandine and spring onions. These vårörter a hurry to flower and set seed before the foliage closes.

During the summer you can find more shade tolerant plant species Baneberry, Herb and wild garlic. Wild garlic has a very strong smell and taste of onions. The farmers, whose cows grazed here in the past, were less happy about because milk was the flavor of onions. In the area one can find remnants of old fields and meadows, memories of the crofters who guarded the royal Djurgarden meanwhile 1652-1805.
Besides book grow this much oak and elm. Many of the trees are large and old. The oldest trees are at the bottom of the water in the area in 1946 was allocated as protected by the Forest Service, known as forest reserve.

Old and large deciduous trees are valuable habitats for lichens, fungi and insects. Of these, there is a number of rare species here. The forest is also popular with birds, especially woodpeckers. But there are also plenty of small birds Hawfinch, wood warbler and pied flycatcher. This breed is also the rare small flycatcher.


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Naturreservat i Ödeshög
Stora torget 3
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