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Lysings forest - nature reserve

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Lysings virgin forest is located in Lysings häradsallmänning, consisting of large coniferous forest areas. Primeval Forest is hilly with numerous flames and moss-covered blocks. When you walk along the path that leads through the old forest stands tall pines in the mountainous parts.

In wetter hollows grow strong trees. In the jungle there are many snags and stumps. At least twice, in 1735 and 1830, we know that forest fires raged in Lysings forest. Still visible traces of the recent forest fire in some places in the forest.

In Lysings forest there are plenty of forest birds and insects. On the ground you can find a plethora of typical coniferous plants such as Linnea, knärot and tallört. Lummer, ferns, lichens and fungi are also available.

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