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Klämmesmålen - nature reserve

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The farm has in modern times been used in the old-fashioned way with lieslåtter and woodland, and cultivated with these management practices remain of the farm's owner. The goal of Klämmesmålens nature reserve is to provide a picture of how an agricultural landscape in the forest district looked during the years 1900-1950.

As a living museum located farm Klämmesmålen. In a rocky landscape and lean crowd hay meadows and well grazed pastures with small interspersed fields and ancient cairns. Some of meadows bounded by trees fences.

The pastures are well grazed and home to many rare plants that are typical of soils that have been worked over a long historical period. There is such species everlasting, milkwort, arnica and meadow violet. The pasture is also an area of pickled pine forests.

Just as forest grazing is rare is also meadows very rare today. On Klämmesmålens välhävdade hayfields grow such Heath spotted orchid, yellow rattle, rockrose and daisies. The open land, cattle and diversity of herbs makes the area attractive to butterflies and other insects. Ancient remains show historical human activities Klämmesmålen. Here are the remains of stone beads, a tar pit, a forest hut and even a wolf pit.

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Naturreservat i Ödeshög
Stora torget 3
599 31 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 144 35167


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