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Isberga - nature reserve

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The hills, ridges and swamps filled hollows Norrö usually called a dödislandskap. It was formed when the inland ice melted 10,000 years ago. The sinks are kettle holes, where large blocks of ice become prominent. Before the blocks melted embedded into the gravel and boulder clay, which today are hills and ridges.

The gently rolling land at Norrö utilized both arable and pasture. If spring the hills of yellow of primroses, buttercups and humpback småfingerört. Blue splash of backsippor found here and there. In the south, the unusual bloom gravel Vivan, a relative of cowslip.

Around midsummer beats the yellow-flowered luddvedeln into Isberga. Luddvedeln is rare. On the Swedish mainland is only known from five sites, all located on Östgötaslätten. Fältvädd, luktvicker, spiked speedwell and toppjungfrulin You can also find the Isberga.

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