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Omberg Zipline

|Translated by Google translation|

Here we have no less than 14 pieces ziplinebanor! Our visitors range from frisky 7-year-olds to 82-year-old gunpowder old women, here come those who want a different experience of nature, an action-packed stag or perhaps to cure a fear of heights. Above all Ombergs Ziplinebanor a social activity that amuses and underhållar several age groups and types of people. So bring your family, friends or business on an outrageously funny, delightful and memorable experience in Omberg forests!

At Omberg Ziplines is the experience of nature in the city center. Our ziplinebanor are placed in both stunning, light beech wood and rustic, enchanting pine forests. Our climbs and zips are primarily in small groups and together with one of Omberg Events instructors. No experience is required and all equipment is included.

Here are fourteen ziplinor (wires) on 6-13 meters height. Among other things, we have a zipline free fall! We havealso two rope courses, the small at about 5 meters altitude, and the higher of about 10 meters.

What is Ziplines?
A zipline is a wire strung between two trees. You connect their harness and safety line to the wire, and plunging downhill. We have different types of courses - one with running off a cliff, another free fall. Omberg, we have a total 14ST ziplinor, divided into five different stages. The platforms are placed at 6-13 meters.

What is a High altitude track?
A high rope course is like an obstacle course above the ground. With a harness, helmet and safety lines as you walk around the track and through the various stages.
We have two paths:
- A course of 4-5 meters above ground, located in the middle of Omberg fantastic beech. This course offers basic stations.
- A path of about 10 meters above ground, located in a beautiful dark-green spruce next to the other path. This is slightly tougher, both horizontallyand station-wise.

Participation and knowledge
No förkusnkaper required. Most people who come to us have never before had a climbing harness on him. We have had visitors from 7 years up to 82 years!

Little Höghöjdsbanan and Little Ziplinebanan Minimum age: 7 years. Children 7-9 years climbing with a responsible adult spirit. Children 10 and older are allowed to climb on their own.
Large Höghöjdsbanan and large Ziplinebanan Minimum age: 9 years. Children 9-11 years climbing with a ansvaraande adult. Children 12 and older are allowed to climb on their own.

Maximum weight is 130kg /participants.

All climbing is done on their own responsibility, we provide all safety equipment and gives you instructions, but it is you yourself that ensures you up in the trees. Before we start climbing instructor demonstrating how the equipment works and you are free to try to use the equipment on low-positioned wires.

What should onepack with?
Come in comfortable clothes, and not something that you are too afraid of. It should be easy to move in, and the chances are that you might tear up pants or shirts (hands about 1 person in 1000 climbing). When one climbs the höghöjdsbanorna are often very hot, and when it cools zips so easily down a bit. In addition, it is easy thirsty, so feel free to bring a bottle of water!

Contact information

VätternEvent & C:o
599 93 Ödeshög
Phone: +46 141 234200
Contact: Linda Staaf
Visiting adress: Stocklycke Omberg

Opening hours

Opening hours |Translated by Google translation|
Opening There are two ways to visit Omberg Zipline at: 1 You are a private group of at least 8 people (full paying), who book their own time in the courts when it suits you, any time of day, and when that any time of year. We open paths to you, subject to availability. 2, you are not as many as eight people, but instead to one of our climbing-offs that we have during the summer. When you are climbing along with other smaller parties. Klätterstarterna are available from April to September.


Price |Translated by Google translation|

349-499kr / person for the Classic tour with guide 3h.
325kr / person for Zip Only (2h)
Children 7-12 years: -100kr discount

Book online - get 25 SEK discount / person!

What's included?
Safety equipment consisting of harnesses, carabiners, linbanehjul and helmet, and an instructor who accompanies the group all the time. The only thing you having to think about you is to bring comfortable clothing for the weather.


Directions |Translated by Google translation|
From E4: Turn off the E4 at Ödeshög and runs north towards Vadstena and Örebro. After about 6km, just off junction Horse Park, turn left towards "Alvastra". Drive about 1km and then turn towards "Stocklycke". Drive about 2km and you will arrive at Stocklycke. Stocklycke is Ombergs center and has a large paved parking lot and several buildings housing the cafe, hostels and craft. Those who must climb gather outside Omberg Ziplines room located right next to the little pond. From Vadstena / Motala: Drive south towards Vadstena, then you continue south towards Ödeshög. You pass after 20km Omberg on your right. Turn right after the Gallery Omberg - follow the signs for "Omberg," runs about 5km on the mountain to "Stocklycke". IN PLACE Park in the large parking lot at Stocklycke and walk towards the houses. We are located in the small red house, on the far right of the parking lot seen.


Conference |Translated by Google translation|
Omberg Ziplines is a popular activity among companies and groups, as it welds together the gang and give them many common, happy memories, spoken of in the break room long after.


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