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Svaneholms Castle Ruin

|Translated by Google translation|

In forested areas, southeast of Mjölby, lies the ruins of the medieval castle Svaneholm. It is beautifully situated on a peninsula by the lake Kilarpesjön in the parish of Västra Harg. Svaneholm was formerly on an island surrounded by water, marshes and ditches. The castle have not been subject to archaeological investigation and is only mentioned in a few medieval texts, knowledge of the castle is very small. The visible remains is an idea of the original appearance. The castle had a very burly core tower with up to five meters thick walls designed to withstand the siege than could come. The castle occupied by the Germans from Mecklenburg year 1364th The Swedish king Magnus Eriksson, was deposed and Swedish nobles called on mecklenburg successor Albrecht to become the new king. A letter from Albrecht suggests that no major problems were to take the castle. The evidence suggests that the castle after that no longer had a role to fulfill. Formerly called Svaneholm for Garpe castle. Garpar, in swedish was an older term for Germans. These are memories of the 1300s.

Contact information

Mjölby/Skänninge Turistbyrå
Box 685
59623 Skänninge
Phone: +46 142 85003


Directions |Translated by Google translation|
Located in West Harg at Kilarpesjön on the road between Mantorp and West Harg. Signage is in this way with pretzel and weigh viewing. Park at information sign, and then wander the ruins of the designated path.


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