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|Translated by Google translation|

It is located about 1 km north of Hogby church on Hogby old cemetery. Nearby Hogby stone is another three rune stones. Hogby stone descended from the early 1000's.

Later the stone was erected on the site of the old church. The stone front has a text similar to many other runestones "Thorgerda raised this stone after Asshur, his uncle. He culminated east of Greece."
The strange thing Hogby stone is its back, this one stands out: a great pedigree and these individuals' fates

Contact information

Mjölby/Skänninge Turistbyrå
Box 147
59623 Skänninge
Phone: +46 142 85003


Directions |Translated by Google translation|
To get to Hogby stone are you at the sign Bjälbo just after / before Mjölby coming 32nd Drive past Hogby new church continue for a few hundred meters and turn left at the first turning. Parking is available outside the old cemetery.


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