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Öjebro stone arch bridge

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Stone Arch Bridge

This bridge is probably the first thing most think of when one mentions Öjebro. Most often we see only the roadway on a bridge, but this has been fortunate to be able to travel parallel to the old bridge. Hardly any changes have been made since it was built in 1797 and can therefore be considered as unique in Sweden. In 1925, it was proposed the demolition but the National Heritage Board alerted and after a long struggle deposed nine years later 15,000 dollars to renovate it. In the middle of the 1930s built a new bridge, which is currently in its turn has been demolished and replaced by another new bridge that was built in the late 1980's. The old stone arch bridge is 65 meters long and has eight spans with heavy pelarnosar against the current direction. When it was built it became much more powerful than its predecessor which was made of wood and burned down in the 1790s. The bridge was designed by the Commission surveyor Adam Wadman and he also took the opportunity to honor King Gustav IV Adolf of a granite balusters.In 1958 the bridge was completely closed to all motorized traffic.

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