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Häfla Hammer Blacksmith

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Häfla Hammer Blacksmith is a unique industrial heritage located at Häfla current, nestled between lakes Rain comforter and trolley Comforter in Finspångs municipality in northern Östergötland. Here you will be offered an exclusive experience of industrial history and everyday life. Häfla Hammer Blacksmith is a complete small iron works and you can follow the development of production technology for 300 years. When operations at Häfla Upper Mill ended in 1924 so they locked the forge, went home and left everything. Therefore there anything left, hearths, hammers, tools and more. It makes Häfla Hammer Forge to a unique industrial facility from 1920 talet.Kontaktformulär

Contact information

Häfla Hammarsmedja

61014 Rejmyre
Phone: +46 151 21020
Mobile: +46 70 6945953


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