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Outdoor activities in Finspång

We see nature as our natural "green lungs". For in Finspång you are close to nature wherever you are, or live. Our municipality is one of more lakes, and we like to brag about. With that access, we create fantastic opportunities for an active lifestyle! Everything from swimming and fishing to canoeing when the lakes are open and to take on long-distance skates and pick up fired when the ice has settled. Below is our wide range of outdoor activities separately.


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You enjoying nature can in Finspong experience wonderful canoe trails. The many lakes are relentless with many streams that allow you to paddle long distances without lifting. During the trip time can glide quietly with hanging birches as roof or experience the thrill of more vibrant rivers. Along the canoe trails there are great picnic areas and shelters, and you can go long distances without lifting.


On the links below you can download Canoe Headed Map and access both Lotorps and Rejmyres canoe rental pages.


Download map of Canoe trails



Cycle routs

Step on in our wonderful natural environment! The many small roads along the various lakes and varied natural environments in the municipality is ideal for cycling. Experience our five surveyed and marked bike trails of varying length in the magically beautiful forested areas. All tours start from Yxviken which is about 500 meters from Lotorp if you drive from Lotorp against Igelfors (You can also start from Arena Grosvad).


More information about the bike trails that are found at the link below. You will also find the bike trail description and cykellledskarta in downloadable form. Biking trail map is also available at tourist offices.


Download map of cycle routs>>





Finspång is known for premier fishing waters and good fishing. In our lakes you can fish for pike and perch, but also stocked with rainbow and brown trout. We also have many fishing areas and fishing conservation organizations working for viable fish.


Push yourself further on the link you will find more information about our fisheries conservation associations, Finspångs map of fishing areas, our fishing spots and fishing license sales.



In Finspångs municipality we have 368 lakes so there are plenty of opportunities to cool off almost everywhere. In some lakes, such Lien, there is bathing with camping, toilet and barbecue. Bathing are managed either by Medley on behalf of Finspångs municipality or of different compounds. During the bathing season checked bathing water quality.


Even a rainy day, you can swim. Grosvad Arena is one of Sweden's most modern bathing and wellness facilities. Here you can throw yourself down magpirrande water slides, swimming in rapids, play in the children's own pool or just enjoy the sauna, whirlpools and other things in the relaxation area.


Hiking Trails

Do you have a good pair of shoes so you can easily combine exercise with adventure on one of Finspångs beautiful trails! In our municipality there are lots of trails to suit most tastes - from the family to the experienced hiker. The many small roads in the municipality are ideal for expeditions. We can also recommend the historic trek in Finspångs unique and romantic works environment.

The right of Public Access

In Sweden we have a unique opportunity to be able to move freely in the wild. Everyman's right is something that you use when you go for a walk, kayak or cycle in nature. For many, it is something natural and casual. But we also need to take responsibility for nature and wildlife, and show consideration for landowners and other visitors. It can be summed up in to not disturb - do not destroy. At the link below you can read more about roam the Environmental Protection Agency's website.


Read more about The right of Public Access

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